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No Momma Gigi – This Isn’t Haiti!

I know I’ve already posted today but I couldn’t help but write again. I heard there is a new Carter’s store in Lexington and they sell baby clothes. I wanted to just go and “look”. I figured a little trip out would be nice considering I’ve been staring at hospital walls for weeks. So Jose and I took Momma Gigi with us. So we’re driving  – and we’re not in the car for more than 20 minutes – and momma Gigi says she has to go to the bathroom. I told her we would find a “place” to stop and I was meaning a gas station. She said – “HERE IS FINE” – – pointing to the shoulder of  New Circle Road! LOL!! I told her this isn’t Haiti – you can’t just stop and go on the side of the road! I got so tickled I nearly had my own accident!! 

I love how innocent Haitians are when they first visit – just as much as I love the culture shock of Americans’ first visit to Haiti. It really is two different worlds. I know I’ve only been home a day – but I’ve laughed more in the last day then I have in several weeks! Sometimes it’s just the little things that bring a smile!

Here are some pictures of Gigi and her mom coming to the states! Jose said he laughed so hard when Momma Gigi stepped on the moving sidewalk. She had never heard of such a thing and she was halfway afraid of it! She couldn’t believe Americans were so lazy that they had to have a machine to walk them!! LOL! It’s so true!

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Eveline is Heading Back to Haiti

Eveline came out of Haiti with Jose in January. She has been absolutely AMAZING! I don’t know what we would have done without her these last few weeks. We had talked to her school before she left about her being gone for so long. They told us she could go but in June she will have the big government test. If she doesn’t pass then they won’t let her continue in school. She still has 3 years left. She felt like she could study here. We’ve been blessed to have Rolgard come and tutor her each week but it’s not the same as going everyday to school. 

With Gigi’s mom being here now – it makes it much easier for her to go back. She didn’t want to disappoint us by leaving early but she knows if she doesn’t pass that she’ll lose the whole year and she is already 18 years old. I’m so glad she was able to share her worries with us. I would never want to jeopardize anyone’s education for babysitting! 

We called Erika and Andy Olsen and they are going to take Eveline back to Haiti with them next week. God is good and has worked everything out. His timing is perfect. We have an extra set of hands to step into Eveline’s place and good friends to take her back to Haiti this week. 

I have to tell you she was really precious this morning. When I talked to her about going back to Haiti she said she wanted to take Gabriel back with her. She said she didn’t think she should leave without him!! 🙂 I told her he would be fine. She got teary-eyed and said she’d really miss him. There is a lot of things I don’t know – but one thing that I DO know beyond a shadow of a doubt…….Eveline really loves our little boy. She will be dearly missed. Please pray for her during her travels back and that she’ll be able to quickly catch up with the other students in her class.

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Last Chance…..

Yesterday my Cardiologist gave me the great news that I have ONE LAST CHANCE to go home!! She is a wonderful woman with a family. She heard Jose and I talking about the kids having spring break next week and how bummed I was that I couldn’t be at home with them. She talked to my OB doctor. She has started me on some new medications that she thinks will take care of the blackouts – of course we won’t know until time has passed. But she was able to talk the OB doctor into giving me a chance. He thinks I’ll be back before Spring Break is over but he graciously agreed to let me go home to try it.

They told me when/if I come back to pack my bags because I’ll be there for the long haul. I told him now that they told me that I’ll never come back!!! 🙂 

Thanks for the prayers. I’m very grateful for the “chance” to come home and spend a little time with the family and with Gigi’s mom. I have to tell you the highlight has been seeing Gigi walk up and down the steps and all over the house. This is the first time she’s been out since she could walk. She wants to go outside all the time. She walks to the front door and tries to open it about every 5 minutes. We will be in trouble if she ever figures out how to do it!