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This week has been difficult – but not just because of my health drama. Gigi was out for two days before she started looking at her hands again and feeling better. She is walking around and laughing again – always so good to hear. Malaya got sick soon after Gigi and she was throwing up non-stop. We put her in our bed and she drenched it. GROSS! My mom has been sick and Mikela and Rosie have been coughing so much its been making them throw up. So it’s not been a pleasant place to be. 

I did all of my glucose (sugar) tests this week. I don’t know the results yet. The doctor told me there are two types of contractions – those that affect the cervix and those that don’t. They both can be just as painful. The medication hasn’t slowed down my contractions. In fact they’ve been as little as 5 minutes apart and some have brought tears to my eyes.  BUT – the meds are at least keeping me from delivering. I keep beating the odds – no doubt due to all the prayers.

My kids always make me laugh and despite all the sickness in our household this week – they still brought a smile to my face. I was sitting in the chair and telling Jose that the babies were hungry. (Meaning I was hungry). Rosie got Gabriel’s sippy cup and held it to my belly button. She was going to feed them. No joke – she was very serious. 

The girls are so excited that the babies are almost here. Every time I go to the hospital  – which has been every day this week – they keep thinking I’ll come home with the babies. I told them that we weren’t ready yet. Mikela said – but we already have everything – we are ready! (I have two little baby beds set up and car seats). 

Rosie was asking me what the babies would look like. Malaya said she already saw their picture and brought upstairs a picture frame that had two little baby boys in it. (It came with the frame). They couldn’t understand why I had a picture of someone else’s babies!

While there are some days it’s hard to have a positive attitude – I still find joy in the little things. Today was actually a great day. It’s one of the first days I woke up without feeling sick and without having contractions all day long. Thank you for your prayers. I feel like I’m a broken record – always writing about the same little drama. I can’t wait to get back into Haiti – just to have something different to write about! 🙂

love you all!

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  1. i know you feel like you’re repeating yourself, but it’s good to hear whats going on! i’m always praying for and thinking about you and am glad to see an update. 🙂 hope you have more days like this one! love you!

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