Tent City Update…

I feel so bad I haven’t been writing about our tent city. With our move to the Mole I haven’t been giving regular updates. We have been feeding 52 families with rice and peanut butter every 10 days. As I’ve always said – as long as we have the means we will share. When we don’t  – then we simply can’t.

The day before Jose left –  a container full of supplies for the tent city arrived! We ran out of food two weeks ago and talk about divine intervention – the supplies arrived the day before Jose flew out. A church in Michigan spent thousands of dollars on supplies to help this tent city. They got charcoal stoves, pots, oil, rice, beans, toys, towels, sheets, tents, food, charcoal, dishes, etc. Each family has a tub that is specific to their size and needs – with toys for their specific children and enough towels/dishes/etc for their family size! The tents are also matched to the family size. This church spent a lot of time, energy, resources, and money getting all of this together.

I am so crazy excited for these people!!! We have finally figured out how we will give everything away. We are going to give them tickets to get on a bus. So they will go to the bus station. We will then drive them OUT OF PORT-AU-PRINCE to a little hotel. We will have a big meal together there and then we will surprise them with all their gifts. By doing it this way – we can actually spend time with them, allow them to see everything that’s for their family AND we can take pictures without having to worry about a mob of people trying to bother us. It will still be crazy – but hopefully this way it will be organized chaos! 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the stuff being unloaded in Haiti.

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  1. Jody, I have tears running down my face and goosebumps on my arms and legs! It is so encouraging to see that the supplies, that our church and the surrounding area high schools were able to provide, there is Haiti! I am so excited to share this good news! If you have any more pictures we would love to see them so we can show others. Thank you for your ministry to the Haitians and I praise God that He allowed us to be His hands and feet! we love ya!

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