We Couldn’t Be Mole Ready To Go Back Home…

One week from today we’ll be back in Haiti! We cannot wait! Thank you so much –  For your prayers! For your encouragement! For the food you’ve brought by! For mowing our yard!  For watching the girls! For visiting us in the hospital!. For the random gift cards that show up in the mail! For just loving us and sticking with us on this unexpected journey!

We are already starting to pack the 16 bags that we get to bring back in! Don’t you wish you were flying in with us! Yeah – I see you guys crossing your fingers hoping my clan sits nowhere near you on the plane! Sometimes for fun I pretend to walk past your aisle and as soon as I hear you breathe a sigh of relief – I back right up and say – I think we are sitting here. Love to watch your face turn red!


Many of you have asked how little Asher is doing. He has been seizure-free for two weeks now. We are told however, not having seizures here and not having them in Haiti are two different things. Haiti is a totally different environment and if the seizures are heat-sensitive it’s possible they could return. So please keep him in your prayers.


The girls will be starting school immediately upon our return. Miss Beth is already in the Mole waiting for them! In fact she’s been there for over a month! We are so incredibly blessed by having her. The kids cannot wait to see her. It’s hard to believe after all our praying – next week we’ll finally be home together for the first time!


A week from tomorrow we will be doing our BIG TENT CITY GIVEAWAY! We are a little nervous about it which is why we want to ask you to start praying for it right now. If you haven’t read our previous tent-city related posts – I should tell you that giving things away in Port-au-Prince isn’t easy. It seems like it should be – but nothing in Haiti is easy.

We have over 10,000.00 worth of donations to pass out.  On September 2nd we will be giving away charcoal stoves, pots, tubs, tents, rice, beans, oil, toys, blankets, medicine, etc to 50 needy families.  We have confirmed a hotel about an hour from PAP where we will give out all the donations. We have decided on renting trucks instead of a bus because of how much stuff we have to give out. We are taking the 50 families out of PAP so that we can give them everything without a mob scene.

Andy Olsen, the mission’s Media Director, will be with us documenting the event! I won’t write too much on here so you can read about it in the mission’s next newsletter. But please begin praying for this very special day.

September Women’s Conference:

We have begun making plans and lining up speakers for the 4-day Women’s Conference starting on September 19th. God has laid a theme on my heart that I will share with you a little later. We believe this is going to be a life-changing event for so many. Please continue praying for the hearts of those that attend.

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