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Annual Granmoun Feeding…

One of our favorite family traditions is feeding the elderly in our community on Christmas Eve. We invited 200 adults/elderly from our community to come at 1pm for a short devotional, song time, prayer time, fellowship, & food!

I remember asking my parents many years ago, What can we get you for Christmas?”  

They said…. “Feed and care for my people. Care for the elderly who have no one else to care for them. Love on the widowed & orphaned – who are often the same people because their spouse & children have all passed away. Remind the lonely & lost that they still serve a mighty purpose.”

So every year…that’s what we do!  We honor our Father in Heaven as well as the two people who have enriched our lives & imparted invaluable wisdom throughout our ministry!

We spent several hours on Christmas Eve encouraging & loving on those sweet men & women….whose bodies constantly ache, whose children have all passed away, whose spouse is no longer with them, whose stomachs continually grumble in hunger pains.

We reminded them of the purpose they still serve each and every day. I shared about all the wonderful things my parents have done for me, my children, and the communities they serve.

I then reminded them that THEIR children, grandchildren, neighbors, & community STILL need their wisdom, grace, patience, & love. Some of my children’s best memories are curled-up in their grandparents’ lap. So even if their health has failed them and they can’t work like they used to….hold & love on those grandbabies and speak God’s goodness over their lives.

Though the plan was to start at 1pm….we had people trickling in as late as 4pm! 🙂

Each person received a huge carton of food  – enough to eat at our tables –  AND take home! We also passed out large gift bags full of toiletry items! It was another successful and rememberable day!

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An Incredible Christmas – Children’s Church

For the past 4 weeks, our Children’s Church Theme has been – An Incredible Christmas!

The theme is based on the movie The Incredibles!  We played the movie – Incredibles 2 at our kick-off back in November. We spent the next 4 weeks sharing with the children how we need…  Incredible Trust, Incredible Invisibility, Incredible Power, & Incredible Grace! To read more about the theme….check out this post: Our Incredible Kick-Off!

Each week we had an object lesson, a memory verse, Jesus Aerobics, a Bible lesson, games, a skit, a coloring competition, a craft, & snacks! We’ve been blessed with 150-200 children each week! YAHOO!

This Sunday is our Children’s Church Christmas Party! If the child attended ALL 4 WEEKS –  then they earned an invitation to our special Christmas Celebration! I’m SO happy to share that 90 children will be attending our party this Sunday! We will have games, a prize table, a special skit, crafts, & a delicious meal!

It’s our desire & prayer that these past 4 weeks have not only been a lot of fun….but that our lessons filled these sweet children with INCREDIBLE HOPE and gave a better understanding of what Christmas is all about!

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Our Staff Christmas Party 2018!

On December 12th, we hosted our annual staff party! We did it a little early this year – because Miss Beth & Emma were heading to the states to celebrate Christmas with their families. All the staff agreed that it was important for them to be here for this celebration!

Around Thanksgiving Time – each of the staff drew a name. Their job was to do 3 acts of kindness without getting caught. The big Secret Santa Reveal happened at the Christmas Party.

If they correctly guessed who had their name – then they won a prize. If they didn’t guess correctly – then the person who drew their name won! This is always my favorite game we play! It reminds us that Christmas is about the Acts of Kindness we do! It’s not about what we get – but what we give!  Listening to the staff explain what they did for each other truly brings great joy to everyone!


We started the night off with a buffet! What’s a party without great food? I love it that we are able to provide a meal that they often aren’t able to afford on their own. Seconds are always encouraged and almost everyone went through the line at least twice! 🙂


We then split the group into 2 teams. There were 10 members on each team AND 10 games to be played!  Each group had to send a different member to participate in each of the games…representing their team. 



  1. Jingle Bell Boxes… We had 7 boxes  – each with a different quantity of bells in them. You had to put them in order from 1 bell to 40 bells by feeling their weight & listening to each box!
  2. Blow the Ornament… They were given a straw & an ornament. You had to blow the ornament across the finish line. Whoever does it the fastest wins.
  3. Jingle Bell Roll…. Roll a jingle bell down a table and knock off the ornaments. Whoever knocks the most off wins.
  4. Decorate the Tree... We’ve got 2 trees with 8 ornaments each. The first person using one hand to decorate the tree the fastest wins.
  5. Sling Shot Ball… We’ve got 2 homemade slingshots. You have to shoot the ping-pong ball into the basket first.
  6. Jingle Trunk… We put 10 ping-pong balls in kleenex boxes strapped to their waist. They had to shake their bottom in order to relase the ping-pong balls. First person to shake them all out wins!
  7. Sushi Kitchen… We saw this game on Live with Kelly & Ryan!  There’s floating Sushi & a timer. You have to use chopsticks in order to collect the most sushi! (Hilarious and recommended game). Whoever collects the most balls wins!
  8. Chopstick Ornaments… You have to use chopsticks and move ornaments from one bucket to another. Whoever does it the fastest wins.
  9. Present Delivery… We wrapped a bunch of random boxes. Whoever carries the most presents across the finish line wins. (Any present dropped along the way doesn’t count).
  10. Bracelet Banaza… We had an example of a bracelet with 8 beads & 3 light bulbs. The first person to create the exact bracelet wins!

Human Christmas Tree…. Each group was given the same supplies and they MUST use all of them! The most creative tree wins!



After we played games –  it was time to reveal their SECRET SANTA! We enjoyed the incredible homemade cake while we went around the room – revealing who had each other’s name!



We put different amounts of money in little green boxes. (We wanted each staff member to have some funding to make this Christmas EXTRA special for their families!)  We put 3 different boxes under 3 small baskets. Each staff member was able to pick  – Box #1, #2, or #3. Whatever box they picked…they could keep that number OR choose another box. If they chose another box then that’s what they took home – which could be more or less than their original pick! It was SO MUCH FUN! 



At the beginning of the night, we had a big bowl full of little red chocolate balls. The person who guessed closest to the right amount  – was able to win a little girl’s bike! Elirose guessed EXACTLY 700 chocolate balls and walked away with the grand prize!



A great time was had by all! I’m so thankful that we were able to come together and fellowship in this way. I’m thankful for how incredibly hard each staff member works! I’m thankful for the way that they put other’s needs in front of their own personal needs. I’m thankful for the way they clapped & cheered each other on!  I’m thankful for their dedication AND for the donations that made this night possible!

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow….and we aren’t guaranteed another Christmas together. On this special night – we all rested in PEACE & were filled with JOY… knowing that we have been blessed with an awesome night to remember….a memory that will last…  especially during the difficult seasons!


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Christmas BINGO!

On Sunday night we hosted our Annual Christmas Bingo Game!

We invited roughly 130 people to play on Sunday afternoon. Winners were awarded cash prizes AND allowed to pick out gifts for their family! These tables were overflowing with –  clothing, toiletry items, school supplies, rain jackets, umbrellas, shoes, jewelry, candles, backpacks, hats, toys, etc.

I just wanted to thank everyone who donated items for this game! I love that we are able to help out so many well-deserving families… especially at this time of year!

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Our New Play Therapy Room!

I am SO excited to announce that my Therapy Play Room is finally finished!

I’ve shared before that I’ve had many children come through my clinic as young as 7 years-old with sexually transmitted diseases. I’ve longed to have the knowledge and resources to do more than just offer an antibiotic for their physical ailments. I want to bring them a deeper kind of healing. I want to walk them through their trauma to the other side where there is hope.

I’ve spent the past 18 months training to become a Certified Trauma Professional. I’ve attended countless seminars, online classes, & been working closely alongside other trauma therapists… all of this in order to meet the needs of the children in our community who’ve been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused.


I’ve shared pictures/stories before of the sand therapy I’ve done with children on the beach. Through this play, we ask children to design “their worlds” using figurines/furniture.

So below I asked the child to re-create the last night when they were afraid. You can see through the play…the “zombies” that come into their room at night. The children are more likely to talk about what’s happening in their worlds when you do it through play. SO – Nene built me a sand table and I’ve got bins full of figurines & items to use now!

Though I know I won’t be able to help all of them…. I won’t always know the right response or how to process all of the difficult things they’ve endured…

What I do know – is that these children will have a safe place to come and a trusted person who will pray over them, listen to them, & remind them of their value. Please pray for daily wisdom as I begin to walk through this new journey of ministry.