It’s about 1:30am and I can’t sleep. I went to bed around 8pm and woke up with a huge headache about an hour ago. I told Jose that my head hasn’t hurt that bad since I had Gabriel. I had an epidural that went up instead of down and gave me the worst headache ever. So I had natural childbirth since the epidural didn’t work and the worst headache on top of it. Then it hit me….today is Gabriel’s birthday.

I had this elaborate birthday party planned for him. It was going to be a baseball party in Haiti. I thought since this same July group spent so much time praying for me during the delivery – that this year we could have a huge celebration that Gabriel and I both made it.

I had a baseball pinata, gifts for 8 of Gabriel’s little friends, a baseball music cd, baseball pan to make a baseball cake, a mets uniform for him to wear to the party and cheerleading outfits for the girls to wear, plastic baseball hats for all of the kids, and tons of decorations and balloons.

Now I know that Gabriel doesn’t know that today is his birthday. For that matter – I barely remembered myself. My mom told me that my sister called today asking if she should do anything and they both agreed not to remind me since Gabriel isn’t even with me but in Columbus, OH.

Gabriel not being with me on his birthday was much like last year. After he was born, he was swept away to the NICU and I didn’t get to see him for the rest of the night. I didn’t get to hold him for over a week. I, myself, spent days in the hospital. So how strange that a year later – I’m finding myself back in and out of the hospital, I can’t see Gabriel, two of my nannies called and said that they’re getting up at 4am and going to the morning church service to pray for me just like they prayed last year, and I have this same group in Haiti praying for me again.

I’m finding myself a little misty-eyed so I think I’ll wrap this up. I just wanted to wish my little boy a Happy Birthday and let him know that I love him and that I didn’t forget this special day.

Gabriel at 1 month old:

Gabriel at 1 year old:

6 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIEL!”

  1. You have been on my mind and in my prayers for the past several days. As we all know, there is tremendous power in prayer!!

  2. We haven’t met. I am arriving in Haiti August 2nd and I have been reading your blog for months now. I have requested prayer from the others coming with me on the upcoming trip. And, I have put a request out on my blog. I am praying for God’s healing in your life both physically and mentally so that you will be refreshed, renewed, restored, rejuvenated and ready to return to His work as He has it planned for you!!!

  3. Jodi, you are certainly in our prayers, was just checking on the Mission and found your messages. Praying that whatever the problem is just disapears as quikcly as it showed up. God does miracles you know. Remember “I can do all things thru God who strengthens me.
    Blessings and love U

  4. Dear Jodi,
    I just got word from my daughter (Rebecca Haake)that you were having trouble and I logged on and read about your health issues. My on-line access was out for 48 hours and I had not even been able to get on and read about my son-in-law’s (Mike Haake)trip to the mission. I am so sorry to hear about your distressing situation. I work at the John D Cronin Cancer Center (part of the Lexington Clinic) and will be interested to hear what your neurologist has to say. I am simply and License Practical Nurse so do not take my opinions as fact. But it may be possible that what they have found is a hemangioma. There are benign but very problematic. They are somtimes treated with radiation, which is why I am familiar with them.
    I do hope they will prescride some steroids for you as I think they will help ease your pain. I am praying for you and am ever grateful to you for your part in the adoption of my grandson.
    Kerwin’s grandma,
    Nena Sweigard

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