Gigi Walking

Several emailed and asked if I would post a video of Gigi walking! ABSOLUTELY!! I have some of the first time she walked – which was while we were gone – and some of her today walking around the courtyard.

The funny thing is – now that Gigi just walks all over the house – I was trying to play her video so that I could put it on the website and she came over and watched herself walking. She heard the singing in the background and came right over to me. She never tries to look at my computer but I guess she couldn’t believe she was walking either and wanted to watch!

5 responses to “Gigi Walking”

  1. Welcome Home! What a beautiful gift to receive! God is AWESOME! Gigi rocks!

    Our prayers are with you all!
    Love ya,

  2. Yeah!!! She was walking around holding onto our hands in July but nothing like this! Praise God for this beautiful gift in the middle of all that’s going on there. She looks like she’s been doing it forever!

  3. Oh, dear Lord. How great YOU are! I’m watching this video with tears running down my face, and I’m completely overwhelmed by God’s power. Jonathan is standing here with me completely amazed, and we’re both in shock. Can you tell?!? Praise God for what He can do at ANY TIME! Gigi is such a testament to His power! I remember when you first brought her to this country – she looked no bigger than a six month old baby & she was more than two. And look at her now! God bless all of you for your faithfulness and love for this child. We can’t wait to see you all!

  4. I keep watching this video over and over….I am so overwhelmed with emotions right now….
    It’s absolutely beautiful to see GiGi stand up tall, to make herself acknowledged, and to independently be able to explore her world! What a BEAUTIFUL gift and BLESSING God has given you!!! This is a gift he has given us all!!!
    I love you guys so much!!! I can’t wait to see GiGi walking in October!!!!

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