Food, Propane, Diesel

Those are the things that are difficult to find. Most of the gardens were washed away and so there aren’t as many vegetables at market and those we manage to find are very pricey. We are almost out of propane -several empty tanks. But so far we can’t seem to find any place selling propane to refill the tanks.

There is a boat called 7 Brothers that is making trips to and from PAP  – getting gas. BUT – they’re charging a lot for it and we tried to send a truck there with barrels and they were out before we got there. 

Tomorrow we’re going to see if we can send a cooler on the plane and have our friends in PAP try to fill it up. It seems like PAP still has most of the things we need – it’s just a matter of figuring out how to transport it here.

The feeding station went great today in Chansolme. I talked to Wisley and he said the people were so thankful. Becca, Curtis, Danielle, and Vickie went and I’m sure they’ll have pictures and more information on their blog. 

It’s rained the last two nights – looks like rain again tonight. We were sleeping in the tent upstairs and about 2am we got flooded. I mean it was pouring down through the tent and then rising from the bottom. We had all the kids in the tent with us – including Gigi and Gabriel. So as the rain poured in – the girls started crying. Jose started making trips back and forth from the tent to the house with the kids. 

There is still no power at the mission (only a generator to pump water and connect internet). Well the house was dark – the whole campus was dark. We bring the kids into our sauna of a home – and I forgot that Gigi could walk. In the process of bringing her in – she woke up and started walking around. Well we couldn’t see and GIgi walked up and grabbed me and I SCREAMED! I thought someone was in our home. Well my scream woke up Gabriel and so all the children were up – it was pitch black and so hot!

In my frustration of last night  – I felt like I just got a very small glimpse of what the Haitian people were feeling – – ONLY I was able to find a dry place for my children. Suffering through a miserable night only made me appreciate that much more what our employees here go through every night.

Today we started feeding our employees for lunch. It went really well. They were very appreciative. 

We have a lot of surgical teams coming in October – we’ve got two weeks to get everything “ready” for them. Chuck Graham and Frank Klinzing are coming in on Friday to rebuild the generator! We pray that will take care of all our electrical problems. We still have to come up with diesel though. Doesn’t do much good for the generator to run without diesel to put in it. We’re looking to secure a boat with 25 barrels to head to PAP this coming week. Please be in prayer that we’re able to make those necessary connections.

Some people had asked what they could specifically pray about in regards to mission needs – Securing Food, Diesel, and Propane are our greatest needs. However – just being able to meet the needs of the people – those are even greater. I can’t tell you how many people – over 100 in the last two days – with stories so overwhelming and heart breaking – and yet there is just only so much we can do. I think I’ve found myself depressed – just not being able to help them. They tell me after God – I’m all they have…..and it makes it that much harder to know that I hold their hope in my hands. 

So please be in prayer for the mission’s needs and for peace of mind during these extremely difficult times.

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  1. Yesterday you cried twice and today you posted twice. I know it is an important message but I think we got it the first time. If anybody didn’t they never will!

  2. Say it as often as you need to, Jody. Say it until people get it. Say it as long as you have breath in your lungs. Say it, write it, post it, and then do it again. I’m sure bigdave didn’t mean to come off as crass as he did.

  3. jody and I are good friends and she knows I ment nothing bad, just letting her know she slipped, and that we are getting the message and doing something about it.

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