Can’t Complain…….No One Else Does!

Chuck and Frank have been here for days rebuilding the generator…..I’m feeling the fruit of their efforts as I sit in my bedroom with REAL power!! We will run it all night just to make sure it’s really fixed! BUT WE THANK GOD FOR CHUCK AND FRANK AND ALL THEIR HARD WORK!

Jose and I as well as Wisley plan to head to Gonaives on Thursday. We will overnight and return on Friday. I’m not sure how all this will all play out – how far we can go in the truck – where we will stay – but I know that many people here want to know about their loved ones there and so we have many people to check on once we arrive.  

We talked about setting up a food station out there after our trip. Wisley’s family that is there could run it. I’m not sure what I’m going to find –  yet I find myself completely burdened for a town I don’t even know. Having watched videos online – I cannot forget the faces of the children who died. I feel like God keeps nudging me to go which I hate that. Really I would rather send Jose and Curtis and just live vicariously through them. I hate it when God asks me to do something I really don’t want to do. But – maybe if anything – He wants me to go just to appreciate what I have. 

I found myself frustrated these last few days with the power situation and sleeping in the rain last night didn’t bless me- yet how could I ever complain? I mean first of all –  the Haitians themselves no doubt slept in the rain last night. The wind blew so fierce and the rain poured. There is no way they had an easy night. Yet today I see them all at work very content.

Then if that wouldn’t make me feel guilty enough – I see all the missionaries this morning with smiles. They all got wet last night too and they’re up for breakfast and ready to begin their day. I mean come on already – you missionaries. You lose your homes, you spend three months without power, you eat rice every day, you haven’t had ice or anything cold to drink for months, you wash your clothes by hand, you’re lucky to have enough water to take shower……….. and there you all sit so smug – with smiles on your face, loving on the people – acting like everything is hunky-dory and praising God for your daily bread! I MEAN ENOUGH ALREADY!! 🙂

I mean – unless I can ask the missionaries to complain  – how am I going to be able to? It totally steals my joy of complaining when no one else will do it with me. Have you ever felt that way? You knew you had a bad day and yet someone else went through the same thing and they act fine. Doesn’t that tick you off? I mean how can you make others feel bad for you and get their pity vote if they won’t chime in with you? So frustrating…. 🙂

Anyways – Back to the trip:

So I’m asking for you to immerse this trip to Gonaives in prayer. Wisley said it’s still very bad there – the whole town was basically wiped out. He called his brother and he told him – there are still places where the water is several feet high in their homes, no sanitation – they drink out of the same water that they “work out of” so to speak. He said the mosquitoes are bad as they hover over the water. Wherever there isn’t water – there is mountains of mud. There is no food and people fight over what little aid is offered there. He said the smell is bad and most of the people have lost hope. Yet I feel called to go. 

Something else to pray for:

Heather was feeling bad yesterday – her blood pressure was up and her platelet count is down. Janeil will be home tomorrow. I remember what my last few weeks were with Gabriel and how miserable that was. I also remember being in the hospital days before he was born. So I  – myself – get a little nervous for her. Heather emails me almost daily to offer me encouragement and yet here she sits scared and overwhelmed – just so easy for her to put others first. EVEN SHE DOESN’T COMPLAIN!  So please immerse their family in prayer this month as they will soon welcome my little niece – Ruby –  into the world.

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  1. I feel like I can hear you “speaking” when I read your blog. I love it. I can actually relate to the complaining part – sometimes it’s just fun to complain but not when you do it alone. You have such a way with your humor when you write that you keep us all captivated from the time we start reading until the end.

    Sounds like you’ve got an amazing staff over there. I hope to meet them one day.

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