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I thought for sure they would  let me go today. No such luck! My IV infiltrated a few hours ago and here they come with their blue tourniquets – ready to poke away. I begged for them not to start this process again that I’d do whatever they wanted because it’s time for me to go home anyways. 

SO – I have to drink 5 ounces an hour over the next 12 hours (which tell me how I’m supposed to do that when I sleep?). If I throw up – then they’re going to do a PICC Line. Which again – I’m telling them that I’m not staying here much longer so there’s no point to do anything like that. So please pray for me tonight and over the next 12 hours as I begin drinking my water! So far – there hasn’t been one night I’ve been here where I haven’t thrown up. The nurse watches me like a hawk. I told Monica I’m going to have to be a little more sneaky if I get sick or they will never let me out of here!