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School and Dance…

We went to Northside Elementary today and got Rosie and Mikela registered for school. They do NOT have to have social security cards so we’re set! They do need to get their immunizations up to date which they will do next week. They can’t go to school before that. 

I found myself in tears walking the halls of the school – I know – probably hormones! I guess it’s one of those things where you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. I don’t think I ever thought about how blessed we are to have the schools we do. To walk the halls and see the library, music room, gym, and even computer rooms – it’s overwhelming. I mean my kids were going to a little school with 50 kids in their class and definitely not anything special. Now they’re introduced into this whole new world.

Mikela kept saying all day long – my new school is HUGE! Rosie really loved the tour – so much so that she threw herself down on the ground when I said it was time to go! Yeah – good luck to her teacher!!! LOL!

The girls went to dance class tonight! I have to tell you that it was really akward when I was in the waiting room before class started. Rosie and Mikela are the only black girls in this dance class. The other 4 year olds kept asking  – Why are they black? Will they be in the black class? Where is their mom? How come their mom isn’t black? – – They were very innocent questions but they were asked SO LOUD that the other 20 parents could hear everything. Two of them apologized to me. I told them it was okay – it was just weird! 

They were so excited to wear their little uniforms and their instructor said they were great. Mikela of course picked up on everything really quickly. Rosie was all over the place but behaved herself well. Malaya just stared at the instructor and the mirrors that covered the wall! Funny!! They were so excited when they came out and showed me all their new moves!

Mikela said today was the best day ever! I kind of felt like one of those soccer moms – taking the kids to school – take the girls to dance class – it was nice. This isn’t what I wanted – being stuck here in the states – but God has certainly blessed us since we’ve been out.