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No Power :( But a Very Resourceful Jose!

We have a gas fire place that hasn’t worked in years but is working now. Jose went out and bought a car battery inverter. So we have a car battery that is powering the internet and the TV. It lasts 3 hours and then we have to start the van again for 10 minutes to charge it again.  The entire subdivision is dark -I’m not sure if people stuck around or not – but we have our mattresses on the floor, Gabriel’s crib right beside us,  and are set for the night! We hope the power comes back tonight/tomorrow. Malaya has been sick all day – I think she has a 24-hour virus. She’s running a fever and has been throwing up all day. I’ve been having contractions all day. So it’s not been the funnest day.

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We are about to lose POWER and we’re not in Haiti?

The power has flickered on and off now for the last hour. It’s only a matter of time and I’m sure it will be off for good. I cannot believe all the snow and all the ICE. The snow is still coming down – tons of trees are breaking/splitting because of the weight from the ice. Now Honestly – I think it’s beautiful! I haven’t been apart of a real blizzard in a long time – years even! We’re always in Haiti during this time. Eveline has never seen anything like it. Now if I lose power – it won’t be quite as beautiful – but my parents have a glass porch and we’ve spent hours there drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow.

Look at the tree in the background: