No Power :( But a Very Resourceful Jose!

We have a gas fire place that hasn’t worked in years but is working now. Jose went out and bought a car battery inverter. So we have a car battery that is powering the internet and the TV. It lasts 3 hours and then we have to start the van again for 10 minutes to charge it again.  The entire subdivision is dark -I’m not sure if people stuck around or not – but we have our mattresses on the floor, Gabriel’s crib right beside us,  and are set for the night! We hope the power comes back tonight/tomorrow. Malaya has been sick all day – I think she has a 24-hour virus. She’s running a fever and has been throwing up all day. I’ve been having contractions all day. So it’s not been the funnest day.


  1. my apartment is right close to the hospital, so if you need it, it’s yours, and i will go to bethanys…just lemme know.

  2. ps i am not at all surprised that Jose could fix all that up…Haiti is good training ground,huh!?

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