Blacked Out Again…

Jose and I keep driving to check and see if the power is back on at my parent’s house – so far no luck. But I got sick again last night and blacked out. This is the 3rd black out now and at least 4 other times I felt like I would pass out. We called my doctor who we will be seeing this morning. I’ve had a horrible headache since this happened Friday and my face has been numb off and on since then. I was prescribed some Tylenol with codeine last night to help with the headache until I could see him today. He had mentioned after he sees me – he may admit me into the hospital for observation. This isn’t the best timing with the power outage and trying to place all the kids – but as I’ve prayed the last several days – NOT MY WILL BUT HIS. 

So please pray today – that whatever is causing this is fixable and that I won’t need to be hospitalized just yet. Or if I do – that arranging the rest of the family and figuring out our next steps will come easy.

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