Jose Heading Back To Haiti…

I’m both sad and happy that Jose is leaving. Sad because I’m not ready for him to go – my health is always up in the air – – but happy because he’s going to get Gigi. She has remained constantly on our mind ever since she got sick and we just really want her with us. 

My sister came yesterday and took Gabriel. She’ll keep him for the next week or so while Jose is gone. Eveline is still a huge help in getting the kids ready for school and for being home with them when I’m at the hospital or at doctor’s appointments. 

My mom was going to go back to Haiti next week but is going to stay in the states now until we have the babies. I’m not allowed to drive because of my blackouts. While Jose is gone – mom will have to be the chauffeur for our family! The girls have soccer, takwondo, dance, and Malaya has to be driven to her school. It’s a lot to take on. I’ve been out of the hospital for 2 days now and yet I really feel like it won’t be long and I’ll be back. I’m having a hard time breathing, I have a horrible headache, and I am dizzy nearly all day long. It makes for long days and nights – for EVERYONE!

Please be in prayer for Jose as he travels back to Haiti on Tuesday. Please pray for my momma as she now is filling a very large gap. Please pray for me that the nights/days won’t seem so long and that I can get my health under control – at least for this upcoming week while Jose is gone.

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