Rosie’s 5th Birthday

Rosie’s birthday is actually January 8th but we had too much going on then to really celebrate it. We were given FRONT ROW tickets to Disney On Ice and we decided that would be a good time to celebrate her birthday.  Here is the flaw in having great seats – – you have to walk down 1000 steps to get to it and there is NO bathroom on the ground floor! Yeah – not a great combo for someone on bedrest and pregnant with twins. Now I have already been scolded about going because I did just get out of the hospital but it’s Rosie’s birthday! I wanted to celebrate it with her! So I won’t complain to my momma that I’m truly worn out, my feet are swollen, and I may need a tank of oxygen. I’ll just lay in my bed and write about it on my blog!! 

Back to the party – – It was nice because we got to bring Angel along with us. Rosie’s favorite character is Snow White. She got to shake her hand and it’s all she’s talked about all night!  With all the craziness happening in our lives – tonight was a great break from it. Watching the girls laugh and point and smile – – it was truly priceless. It was as if everything in our lives were normal!! HA!

Here are a few pictures from our special day:

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