Today they decided to do another MRI. I had one done last July but they wanted to make sure there weren’t any changes. I was rolled down in the wheelchair to get it done. You have to lay flat on your back for 20 minutes. That’s not easy to do while pregnant. I got into the machine and got REALLY sick. They had to stop the machine twice and let me sit up. They sent down some meds to put in my IV to help my nausea and to help me sleep a little bit. It was pretty miserable. 

I saw the cardiologist today and she’s doing a few more tests but one thing she is asking me to do is eat a lot of SALT. She wants me to do 3 shakes of salt on EVERY food item I eat. The salt draws water which should help my blood volume and maybe keep me from passing out. I don’t really like salt. I don’t salt anything. But I started salting things tonight. 3 shakes of salt on everything is VERY salty! She told me I could even put some in my drinks – yuck! My fear is that the salt will add swelling and maybe mess up my blood pressure. Right now though – they’re trying to use salt instead of meds to help my blood volume. 

Today was certainly less crazy than yesterday and I praise the Lord for that!

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