Where Everybody Knows My Name….

That’s right – I”m back in the hospital. I was greeted by all my friends (Nurses) who’ve been taking care of me the last two weeks. Jose left this morning at 3 am to get Gigi and I blacked out and fell this morning. I’m wearing a 24-hour heart monitor and am pretty sore. I normally black out but have enough time (warning) to sit down first so I don’t fall far. This time I fell on the tile floor and my head/back/arm is a little sore. Tomorrow I will have more heart tests. They’re sending a specialist to come and try to figure me out!!  I told momma she didn’t have to stay with me tonight so she could be with the kids at home.

 Jose made it to Haiti safely but after hearing about my episode today wishes he wasn’t there. I want him to have peace but I know he feels bad when he can’t be here for me.  My momma and I were overwhelmed today. Mikela missed her bus this morning but we were lucky enough to get Erin (who works at Mikela’s school) to come by and get her. Mom came to the hospital with me because this blackout spell isn’t like the other ones. I was really short of breath and head chest pains. So that made her worry. Malaya had school today too and so she was calling around all morning to get someone to take her because she didn’t want to leave me. We found Jani Lewis to go pick her up and take her to school. It’s truly been one of those crazy days where everything went wrong BUT in the end – we’re all okay and the day is finally over.

The doctors seem a little more concerned this time -which doesn’t help my nerves. I’m trying to give it all to God – but that’s just not always easy. I know bad things can happen to good people – so I’m certainly not exempt from loss and pain – which is scary when you don’t know what’s going on with your body.

Thanks for all you do – your prayers and love mean so much.

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