Peace in the Storm..

Jose brought Gabriel to see me today. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks. Having him run to my bed – yelling MAMA – and wanting me to hold him – it was all I needed today. He stayed in my lap for most of the visit (except when he started pushing buttons on the baby monitor and swinging on my IV pole). He cried when he left – about time one of the kids cried for me and not Jose!! 🙂

I don’t know if I’ve written about it or not –  but when I started having all of these hospital visits we decided it might be a good idea to find some more help with the kids. Eveline does a great job but she’s young and I don’t like to leave her alone with the kids very long. We prayed and decided to seek a visa for Gigi’s mom (she helps us in our home and takes care of the kids when we leave them in Haiti). She was approved with little question and flew out of Haiti with Jose and Gigi.

Jose brought her by today too. We both cried when we saw each other. She told me she has prayed for me every morning at 4am in her church. She told me she never thought in all her life that God would bless her to come to the states. She told me it was an honor to be able to help us in any way that she could after all we’ve done for Gigi. She has faced much pain and ridicule for having two handicap children. Often her neighbors would make fun of her children – RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. How I wished I was there when they saw Jose pick her up to bring her to the states. Having her here will free up Jose to come to the hospital more. He’s been coming late at night and then leaving early in the morning so he can help with the kids. 

Gigi’s mom and I must have talked for over an hour today. I love to see Americans when they first come to Haiti and I love to see Haitians when they first come to the states. Hearing her talk about the airports, the roads, how beautiful and big our country seems, how wonderful this hospital is with  – a bed, electricity, and food brought right to my room – it just reminded me how lucky I am right now. For many women in Haiti – if they were hospitalized they would share a room with many people (bugs and rats too), have to buy their own IV’s and meds, have no one to change their bedding or bring them food and certainly there would be no cool air or comfortable mattress. In a very bizarre but real way – I just felt blessed for being in this very place that I want to escape from!

Thanks for your prayers and emails of encouragement. I have most certainly been struggling to get my attitude adjusted – and no doubt will continue to struggle over the next few months. I’m just glad to not have to go it alone.

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