Personal Stories

The Kids Continue to Surprise Me….

Gabriel was sitting on my lap tonight. I actually have a hospital bed in my home. So he likes to sit on it and push the buttons. I kept feeling something “hard” in his diaper. Afraid to look   – I told Jose to go get a diaper and wipes. 

Gabriel moves so much when you change him so I told Jose to hold his feet and when I pulled down his diaper we both laughed. Don’t have a clue HOW or WHY – but we found an action hero in his diaper. This isn’t one of those little army men – no – no. Here is a picture of it:


The girls are getting ready to have their Easter Parties at school. Rosie kept telling me she had to bring something for her teacher. The note said to bring 12 candy-filled eggs. I had Jose go out and get some and when he opened up her backpack to put the eggs in it – we found a freshly melted popsicle! She said she was going to take that to her teacher tomorrow! Luckily it didn’t get all over the backpack but she’s a funny little girl. We have learned the hard way to check her backpack frequently. She’ll take ANYTHING to school with her!

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