Hospital Admission #12

I’ve spent the last few days with what I thought might have been a stomach bug or something. I haven’t really been eating/drinking because my stomach has been a mess. Well I forgot that when you get dehydrated it can help you go into labor. So Monday morning I came to the hospital with horrible contractions and nausea/vomiting. My mom brought me here at 11:30am. It was 4:30pm before they got the IV in. I have been more dehydrated than this before but NO ONE could get an IV in. I had 4 different people try  (each did about 4 needle pokes) and then they called anaesthesia down to stick me. He took two times himself. Mom said my legs were just shaking from pain as they kept sticking me. 

The babies are fine and the contractions have slowed down. BUT –  they want to keep me here at least until tomorrow to make sure I’m good and hydrated. The doctor was looking through my records and said this was the 12th admission since February – and each admission has been no less than 4 days. 

I think the last blog I wrote – it was one of my best days. Next thing I know I’m in the hospital. It’s always something.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Mikela and Rosie have been complaining about their teeth. I remembered that Malaya’s dentist does missionary work in other countries. So we called her to ask if she could give us a discount or something for the girls. She told us we could come in no problem. So Jose took the girls today while I was in the hospital. THEY HAD 7 CAVITIES EACH!! That is amazing! So Mikela goes tomorrow to get them fixed. I hope they knock her out because there is no way she’ll let them use a drill in her mouth. Rosie goes later on this month to get hers fixed. It’s just such a God-thing that we found a dentist (a children’s dentist too) that is so generous with her time and resources – especially in this economy.

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