Hospital Admission #13

I started to blog and got sick and never got to finish. Oddly enough – my blood pressure was a little high and now it’s so low that I’m left dizzy and blacking out. I think in trying to correct the high blood pressure – they over-corrected it. This is my second day in the hospital and my blood pressure hasn’t risen over 75/45. The cardiologists have been in and out all day long  making me lay/sit/stand and take my blood pressure to see the differences. They are starting me on SALT tablets trying to pull water in hopes it will raise my blood pressure back up. The babies are healthy but their heart rates have been over 190 most of today. The high risk doctors are worried about them being in distress and have been in and out of the room all day. It’s been a very LONG and tiring day. Thank you for your prayers.

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