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For the last few weeks I’ve been soaking in my parents’ hot tub. They got it a long time ago but Janeil and I are the only ones who really use it when we are in town.  We turned off the heater – so that it’s cool – just like a swimming pool (which my doctors said it was okay to be in it if it was cool).  I like it because I can float and my hips can get a break. No joke – I probably spend about 10 hours a day there. When my contractions are really bad and my lower back is killing me –  it seems like the jets help me calm down. Most of the time I get in late at night. It’s not uncommon to find me there at 2am. 

Because my contractions are lasting all day – I’ve been wanting to go in the daytime but it’s been too hot outside. BUT I have a very resourceful husband! He got a canopy to block out the sun, I have two box fans that face me, and he freezes bottles of water so I always have something ice cold to drink. I have a big pink cannon gun that I use as my “bell”. When I need something or want to get out – I simply spray the upstairs window and someone comes to see what I need!

 Janeil has checked his email out there before but I am a little nervous about having my computer so close to the water!! HOWEVER – This past week Jose hooked up a TV so I wouldn’t be so bored when I was out there! Is he amazing or what? 

I have been really sick the last few days – taking more contraction pills than ever before. I’m still in and out of the hospital but when given the choice of going home or staying – I always choose to go home so that I can find comfort in my little oasis outback. It’s the only thing that’s providing any sort of physical comfort. 

I see the doctor tomorrow. 


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  1. LOVE IT! Seriously Jose deserves a medal or something…maybe two healthy boys. 🙂 That is so great!!

  2. Where are the pictures of you relaxing in the tub, if you can call it relaxing? Our prayers are with you.

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