Lightening Strikes….

Last night I couldn’t sleep. It was 3:45am and I decided to go for a float in hot tub. It started pouring down rain a little after 5am. I love to watch the rain and storms. We’re those people you always see on their porch waiting for the tornado to come. We have just always loved to watch crazy weather. It was lightening and Jose kept asking me to get out. I kept fighting with him because what is the likelihood of being struck by lightening? After a good 10 minute debate I got out.

About 25 minutes later lightening hit the tree which took down a power-line which landed on top of the hot tub. NO JOKE! We’re lucky the tree didn’t fall on it but it ripped the piping off the side of the house (where it’s connected to the meter box) which is beside the hot-tub and the live wire sparked right there by the tub. We didn’t have power all day long. The electrical company told me if I had been in the tub I would have been fried for sure. Amazing the little things God protects us from and we don’t even realize. It just makes me think……


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  1. Jody-I’m beginning to think you’re like the little guy from “Lil’ Abner” that the cloud followed around everywhere!!!. Seriously, Glad you are okay.

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