Hurricane Season

As Jose and I prepare to go back to Haiti – we can’t help but think about last year’s hurricane season. So many people lost their crops, livestock, homes, and loved-ones. Many of you helped collect items, raise funds, and some even came to Haiti to serve during that difficult time. Jose and I took a truckload of our Haitian employees and visited Gonaives which had the most damage last year from the flooding. It was overwhelming to say the least – the smells, the destruction, the despair…..

I remember seeing women – young mothers walking around with their babies wrapped in white sheets….no place to lay their dead bodies. I remember the eyes – the looks – of those who lost everything – even though they had very little to begin with. I remember the children trying to find clean water to drink when all that remained was muddy rain puddles. So many memories……things I will NEVER forget.

We took this video from our visit there. Out of respect for the people – we did not photograph many things – it seemed inappropriate. We thought it was appropriate at this time to re-post this little video. This just serves as a reminder about how important it is to commit Haiti to prayer – starting now – for this upcoming hurricane season.

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