I heard from a crying Jose on the phone. He is fine. He’s at the Visa Lodge and called from their landline. He said the coke factory in front has severe damage. It was like there was a hedge of protection around the Visa Lodge.We both sobbed. He thought that our home had crumbled just like the ones in PAP. They still feel strong aftershocks. He begged me to take the family outside to sleep. He doesn’t realize that what he saw isn’t the same that we feel.

People are wondering the streets aimlessly – with no where to go. All the houses have crumbled – there’s no power and no cell phone service. People have no way of knowing whether their family is okay. St. Louis is grieving as they have family in PAP and can’t reach them. He saw countless bodies buried under debris. He said he just can’t process this – it’s the worst thing he’s ever seen. I praise God he is okay. I pray that God will use this somehow to His glory….like maybe there’s a reason Jose is on the front-lines of the battlefield.

From Earlier:

We are all safe and sound. St. Louis du Nord felt the quake. I have cracks all through out my home. However – Jose is in PAP which is where the earthquake hit. I cannot get a hold of him. I am so worried. Please pray that I can reach him. Hospitals, houses, hotels – lots of things have crumbled. People calling out in fear and pain. PLEASE PRAY RIGHT NOW FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OF HAITI and that I can reach Jose soon.


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  1. I was saddened to hear of this news for the Haitian people. I pray that they find their strength from God during this devastating time.
    My mother, Glenna Hammond is currently there with the group. We miss her and wish her a safe trip home when her work is done. We know that she is doing Gods work.

  2. Jody,

    Jose is in Ray and I’s prayers. I pray you hear from him very soon. And We are praying for all of Haiti. Let me know if there is anything else you need.

    Love ya,

  3. I am praying for Jose and will have my church pray. I am sick about all that has happened. God help the Haitian people and all who are in harms way. God have mercy.

  4. I was in Haiti w/NWHCM on a short term trip in 2008 and it changed my life! Unfortunately, it had been a while since I checked the blog. The news of the earthquake sent me here to find out if you had any news. I will pray for your husband and others in Haiti. While on your site, I took the time to catch up what I missed. I think the last time I read it you were only about 6 months along in your pregnancy. I was blessed to read what has happened since and to know the babies are doing well!

  5. We are praying for ALL. Please remind my brother, Wendell, to be safe. Please share with the Freedom church folk that prayers are going up from everywhere. Blessings on you all and through you all as you minister to the needs and hurts of the people!!!

  6. The Women’s Ministry of First Church of Christ, Burlington KY describe ourselves as having a “Heart for Haiti”. We will commit to fervently praying for you and seeking avenues to assist you.

  7. we thank you Jesus, our Father,our Daddy,our Soveriegn God our Creator, our precious Holy Spirit.
    You have this team in the palm of your hand. You have them right where You need them. I ask for Your gates of provision be opened as we reach out to the people of Haiti to proclaim your glory and Your name, Jesus Christ. may Your blessing be with the rescue efforts in Jesus name. amen

  8. JB – Jose is just fine. A dome of God’s protection was placed over him and he is just in a place right now where there is no communication and he can’t get word to you. You know how capable our God is and He will protect your husband! You MUST HAVE COMPLETE TRUST RIGHT NOW!!! In Jesus’ Name, I pray that he is completely safe and that you will … See Moreexperience a total and supernatural peace that can only be given to you by God Himself. I am so grateful, thankful and all the other similar adjectives in the English language that you and the children are safe. And your M&D!!! Jose is probably helping rescue people right now. You KNOW him – that’s what he would do – esp if he knows that he can’t get word out to you right now. BUT HE WILL!! You know he will do anything and everything to get word to you that he is safe. At times like this, we have to trust the God Who created the Universe to have His Hand on your husband, protecting him, getting him to safety. I pray that you will hear from Jose IMMEDIATELY – but if you don’t, that you will show God that you TRUST HIM and you will not go into orbit. You CANNOT have FAITH and FEAR – and FEAR is NOT OF GOD, JB!! You know it’s not. Fear is of the enemy and he wants nothing more than for you to be shaking in your boots right now. Don’t let him make you do that!!! You are SO MUCH STRONGER THAN THAT!!!! I love you with all of my heart. Pls keep us posted!!! M.

    8 minutes ago ·

  9. Have put your news on our prayer line from Anderson Christian Church in Lawrenceburg KY. We’re thinking about you and the Mission and praying for all concerned. We will try to help with the needs as you post them. Please post needs as they arise and let us know the best way to get aid to you.
    In Him,

  10. Oh, JB – I just heard from Diane Cornelius that you heard from Jose!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! OH, PRAISE GOD!!!! I love you all so very much – gee, you’d think we had actually MET, wouldn’t you?? Take a deep breath and now plan what assistance you are going to give your precious people. Please keep us posted!! Oh, how I love you!!! And I am SOOO thankful that Jose is okay!!! Oh, my spirit knew he was, but I sure am thankful to hear it for sure!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!! Keep us posted! This is the ONE TIME I’m thankful that I have insomnia and stay up all night…..

  11. Praying for all of you and everyone in PAP. Please keep us updated and let me know please if you hear from Gesner.

  12. Amen Jody, I’ve been praying since I saw your blog. Thank God Jose is ok- God needs him to continue the good work at NWHCM…you all are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless each and every one of you. Be careful and be safe.

  13. I am so glad to hear you have heard from Jose and he is ok. I am praying for everyone there! My husband called me with the terrible news on my way to work tonight. Keep safe and let us know what we can do for everyone over there as soon as possibile!

  14. My father Mike Layman has been to the mission many times and I just wanted to let you know that the people of Haiti are in my prayers. It is good to hear no one at the mission was hurt. During this devastating time we cling on the promises of our God!
    In Christ,
    Michelle Moye

  15. so glad the Jose is safe.. we are all praying for you here in danville at vermilion hts christian church. you are never far from our prayers and our hearts. stay strong . love janb

  16. Jodi, our prayers are with you, your family, missionaries and all of the people in Haiti. We have prayer chains started and will continue pray.

  17. Know that you are all in our hearts and prayers. Praise the Lord Jose is safe. We are praying and trusting in the Lord for help to come quickly to PAP.

  18. Dear Jody,

    I am so grateful to God that Jose is ok. My heart is in Haiti right now with all the people I have come to love. I am praying and will be asking others to pray. I’m happy all are ok at the Mission, but I am concerned about those in PAP. I do still sponsor the mission, a little girl named Roseline Gustave. I know there will be donations sent through lots of organizations, but I’m sure the mission will be helping. I’ll be looking for updates on what we can do through NWHCM.

  19. @ Jackie Wariner,
    Jackie, I don’t know if you remember me, I was minister at Freedom Christian Church about 20 years ago. Do I understand correctly that your mom is in Haiti now? Please keep me posted on her safety and status. I’m in prayer for her and those she’s with!

  20. Still praying, praying, praying. Knowing that God has His Perfect plan in the midst of this tragedy. Even though it may not seem that way, He is in COMPLETE control. I pray that you will be able to keep your peace and can remain calm through the strength of the Holy Spirit within you. I know that you will be doing everything you can. I pray that you will be healed immediately from this Dengue fever- I just read that!! In the Healing Power of Jesus, I pray that you will be completely and immediately healed. You are needed in this and the enemy will NOT be allowed to keep you ill. I will be praying specifically for that, my friend. Stay calm – don’t let the enemy steal your peace. I love you! M.

  21. Jody – all of our Haiti Crews and our entire church are praying for all of our missionary friends and sponsored families in Haiti! We initiated our church’s prayer chain last night. We love you and all that you do for the people of Haiti.

    Love & prayers,
    Tammi Howard, Haiti Crews, & Winton Road First Church of God

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