Yeah Right…..

Those were the words I said to my brother, Janeil, as he said – “Just think – if you go to jail you could take one of those flip cameras and you could video the whole process and put it on CNN or something”!! 

As appealing as it sounds to do a documentary from the Gonaives prison – I would much rather live a simpler life here in St. Louis du Nord.

So today we went to the judge downtown. He said he was powerless to do anything. So we went to Port-de-Paix. We video-taped the grandmother saying that she didn’t have anything to do with these papers. They called the courts in Gonaives and they said she had to sign other declaration papers and be sworn in at the official courts in Port-de-Paix. We are unsure if we still have to go to Gonaives. 

It’s being talked about that at least one of the mission’s ex-employees could be involved with this as well. It’s like breaking a big sting operation. (okay maybe not that dramatic)

They had police waiting for me when actually they need to have police protecting them. Their family is scared as the town is now beginning to turn against them. People keep telling me that I don’t understand what all these papers were actually accusing me of – while I never really thought I would go to jail they were like – “Yes, Yes -they can take you and you can’t do anything”.  

We are now trying to question the Gonaives lawyer and put pressure on the judge there to reveal who really drew up the papers.

Some employees are worried they’ll kidnap the baby in the middle of the night and wants a security guard. It’s absolutely ridiculous. 

Well it’s the talk of the town!! I guess this will have to go in my book…..if I ever write one! After a very frustrating day – I’m ready for a good night’s rest!  🙂

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