Those were the first words that came out of my mouth as I was delivered papers from a judge in Gonaives. According to these papers – I’ve “stolen” a child and put them in the baby orphanage. Mind you – this baby has been in the baby orphanage since we opened – nearly 2 years ago,  I personally paid someone to watch her for a year before the baby orphanage opened, and her grandmother works for the mission.

Her father was tragically killed years ago and her mother left shortly after. Her grandmother, had no money – no one to help her or the grandchild. So we took care of her needs until the baby orphanage opened. I remember the day that the grandmother brought her to the baby orphanage – in tears – it brought closure to the tragic death of her son.

This family has falsified papers  – gone to a village far away, has ruined their own reputation and all for what?? 

Since the papers are from Gonaives that means I would need to go there for court. Should it come to that – I won’t go alone. The people of Haiti are so beautiful and so encouraging to me. They told me if the police take me – they’ll have to take all of them! Guess we better gas up the Bus!

Just as I get ready to click POST – The grandmother is at my door. Crying she tells me that someone stole her ID card and even though the papers say that SHE is the one who said I was a thief – that it’s not true. So I just spent the last hour in a meeting with the lawyers (on the phone) and tomorrow morning she will have to go sign a paper in front of the judge that says that not only did  I not steal the child – but that she never even drew up these legal papers!!! Whoever did it spent a lot of time and money planning this…. the papers are very official, they paid over $2500 Haitian to get it done and Gonaives is a higher court than the locals. 

Tomorrow will be cutting it close since I have “24 hours” to give back the child or I go to jail.  Guess you’ll know where I’ll be if you don’t hear from me tomorrow 🙂

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