101 Ways to Use a Cell Phone

1) To talk on…

2) For Internet….

3) To take pictures with…..


Yeah…..Bet you didn’t see that one coming! We’ve been having problems with our solar at night. A few weeks ago we had a lightening storm and it fried most of our computer/internet gear. It also fried two of our inverters. So solar is touch and go and not every place on campus has it. 

I was just talking to nurse Sylveste today about how crazy the power has been lately and she shared with me that last night a woman came in ready to have her baby. We didn’t have any solar down there, their lanterns had ran out of oil, their batteries in the flash light were dead, and they basically could not see.

There was no time to yell for Elvis or Rolgard to turn on the generator. The baby was coming right then. One of the ladies had a cell phone and so they delivered the baby with the light from the phone. They said they had to keep hitting numbers because the phone would only stay lit for 30 seconds or so.

You think of how simple life is here and how hi-tech we are in the states. I bet you never thought of using your cell phone in that way….but now you know you can should the need arise!

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