Thank you so much for all your support and for all your emails and comments! I guess it wasn’t me just being feisty – my real OB doctor (who I haven’t seen in two days) didn’t intend for me to get a PICC Line or Port. He did not agree with the doctor on call who saw me Sunday/Monday.  It was his intentions to slowly wean me off the IV’s to see what my stomach could handle and then make a decision after that. He told me he never thought about Home Health Care or anything like that  – but would certainly do whatever he thought was best for the babies.

So Far so good. I have managed to keep down everything I’ve eaten since last night. He discharged me today and has me on scheduled follow-ups every few days. He has already called to check on me. 

Now I’m just going to relax and enjoy this precious break  – because I know it could all change overnight and right back in the hospital I go – maybe for good! Both my OB and High Risk doctors believe that will eventually be my fate – but hopefully not till the end of the pregnancy.

I’m learning – trying to learn  – to LET GO – – but it’s one of those lessons that in the moment of fear and pain – doesn’t seem to sink in. I have felt almost paralyzed the last few days.  It has been so comforting to open up an email – to click on a comment – and see so many people ready to stand with me (or for me if I’m too weak). I don’t know what I’d do without you – especially during these times when I’m scared or trying to take back the reigns of control. It is one thing I will never take for granted – your encouragement and support for my family. 

Now the big question – – -WHAT TO EAT?  It’s been so long since I’ve had a really good meal……Big Mac? Arby’s Roast Beef? Maybe a little KFC? Taco Bell? YUMM…. JUST KIDDING!!!  I’m taking it VERY SLOW – – I’m having a ham sandwich for dinner – and we’ll just see how that stays down!!  I’m still a little light-headed and not quite up to par but – – One thing at a time – one step at a time.

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  1. Jody,

    Those precious babies are certainly worth it but so are you! Enjoy being able to rest before your family arrives from Haiti. Put your feet up, watch some chick flicks and pamper yourself and those babies.

    If there is anything that I can do for you and your family please ask. I can be there in about 6-8 hours. You will continue to be in our prayers, especially that you will be able to keep everything in and not out! Jose and the rest of your family is also in our prayers.

    Love ya,

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