One Down….Two to Go!

We went to Woodford Community Church today to talk to Malaya’s preschool teacher. Since she was 3 when the school year started – she can’t go to a regular public preschool. The teacher was ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!! Malaya was a little shy when she first went in there – but after an hour – she was already in her element. So she is all set and ready to start her school! I even got the supply list for her class!

Tomorrow Jose and I will go to Northside Elementary in Midway. We are praying this works out for Mikela and Rosie to attend. Rosie will be in Pre-K and Mikela in Kindergarten. They even get to ride the big yellow bus to school each day! The only hang-up is whether or not they have to have social security cards. Some people say yes – – others say no! So we’re going to go tomorrow and find out.

I’m going to meet with a new group that’s coming into Haiti tomorrow at 1pm. I told Janeil that I feel so useless being in the states and not in Haiti. So I emailed a few of the new groups and am going to try to meet with them (until I’m bedridden).

Today was not the best day for me – but little by little I am feeling a little more like myself. The babies have started KICKING and you know how people say – “OH – I just felt the baby move”. Well I don’t quite have that response. When one of my babies move –  I will loudly say – OUCH! I don’t know what the deal is – maybe it’s how they are positioned but I feel like they are kicking a rib or something. It’s not a “wonderful” feeling like I remember. It kind of hurts!

The girls start dance tomorrow night. I’ll take some pictures!!


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