Contractions Already? No. Seriously?

So I was at the ER yesterday. You know – I’m becoming good friends with them! They call me the Haiti Lady! My stomach was cramping again yesterday – I thought perhaps I was losing the babies or something. That’s always the first thing that comes to my mind when my stomach hurts – which isn’t a pleasant thought. I’m only about 4 months along – so nothing else made since.

Well we went to the ER and they put me on the monitors and my contractions are already registering. I asked if they were just the fake contractions – Braxton Hicks – but they said that they don’t normally call them that just yet with twins. There is such a high risk of premature labor – they don’t want to say yet what kind of contractions they are. I’m already dilated to 1 cm. Which isn’t a big deal except again – I have about 4 more months to go! 

So what does this mean – you got it – complete bedrest for this week and then next week Dr. Bradley will make a decision whether or not to keep me on it – whether I have to stay on bedrest in the hospital – or whether I can resume a little bit normal life. Of course I don’t think that my life has ever been “normal”! 

I’m okay  – I find it almost humorous that this is my life. I guess better to laugh than cry! It’s almost a new adventure every day! Thanks for your prayers. On the serious side of things – I really do want to carry these babies to term and it does make me a little nervous that I’m already having some problems. I can laugh off most things – but there is a certain amount of fear I carry inside.

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