No Treatment for Blackouts – At least not now.

So I saw my high risk doctor today who isn’t happy at all with the blackouts. He does believe they’re related to the migraines. Here is the kicker – there is NO TREATMENT for it while I’m pregnant. The medications I need aren’t safe during pregnancy. 

So basically I have to just put up with it until delivery. This wasn’t the news I wanted to hear because I can just be sitting down and completely black out. I can be walking to the bathroom and black out. It’s random when it comes and the only warning I have when it’s about to happen is I feel really nauseated and hot seconds before. 

No need for hospitalization right now because they can’t treat it. Basically I’m the same as I’ve always been – on strict bedrest (to avoid falling). I’ll do the ultrasound on Monday which will look at all the babies’ parts – make sure everything looks okay. I know that’s the only thing that matters – that the babies are healthy. But it sure would make life easier if I wasn’t so sick all the time.

Thanks for your prayers.


  1. Courtney Pierce says:

    love you always.

  2. how often is he going to see you?

  3. Tracy Weller says:

    Hang in there girl! Love ya tons!

    p.s. how did school go for the girls?

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