Leaving Tomorrow – First Twin-Related ER Trip Out

As much as I hate it – it looks like I don’t have a choice. I’m going to have to fly to the states tomorrow. After being stuck another 6 times today – no luck – no veins. I’ve made all the arrangements and will make it to Lexington tomorrow night. It was all I could do to find a seat for myself – so no one will be able to fly out with me. I’m a little nervous about that and yet I know I’m a very strong person. I have a friend meeting me at the airport. I’m trying to make/change doctor appointments for Thursday. If I can’t get them for Thursday then I’ll probably go to the ER Wednesday night. I really don’t want to do that – I’d rather see my doctor and have him admit me. However – you’d think by now I would realize that I’m not controlling this situation anymore. 

So please be in prayer for me tomorrow – still very light headed and nervous about traveling. I also want to be able to see my doctors – for them to start IVs on the first try – for me to quit throwing up – for my babies to be okay – for my sugar to return to normal – and for me to return back to Haiti early next week. I’m not asking for much right? 

Feeling Down but Not Defeated,



3 responses to “Leaving Tomorrow – First Twin-Related ER Trip Out”

  1. Hi Jody,

    Please note that we are with you during difficult times and trust/know that you and my niece/nephew will be okay.

    Hang in there!


  2. Just remember you are strong and I know you of all people can do this b/c you have the strength of the Lord now that will carry you through this! You can do it girl I have so much faith in you and our Almighty Father! Love you lots! I will be praying for you and those precious babies!


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