First Blessing God Revealed…..

Jose and I feel like there has to be other reasons that we are here in the states for so long. I just feel like God is going to use us or bless us in ways we never thought of. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Angel used to teach at a dance studio about a mile from my parents’ house which is where we are staying. Registration for this class was closed in January. BUT – ONLY ANGEL – would sweet talk the owner into making an exception for these poor little Haitian children who will never get a chance to be apart of anything like this!! 🙂

So starting next Friday – Malaya, Rosie, and Mikela will be starting dance class. In June they’ll be apart of a recital where they dance on the broadway stage in Lexington and get to wear costumes and all the fancy make-up and glitter! I know the girls will be SO EXCITED! 

I have always accepted the fact that our kids won’t be in sports or special things because of living in Haiti. I tell myself what they will gain in Haiti will be far more. HOWEVER – the selfish part in me  always wanted my kids to have everything. 

So in making the most out of this situation – we are excited that the kids get to participate in dance. I have to go purchase some little tutus and ballerina shoes this week! They have to wear them every week! How exciting! I’ll make sure I take some pictures. 

Jose plans to bring the kids out January 20th – so please be in prayer as he prepares to leave Haiti! I miss my family so much!!

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  1. see jody….all the times you have let them dress up in costumes was only preparing them for their debut on stage!
    i hope they can suffer through it cuz you know how they don’t like the girly stuff!

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