Update on Angel’s Mom

We received the very sad news today that Angel’s mom has bone cancer and it’s throughout her entire body – not just her lungs. This was not the news we wanted to receive today. Her lungs are completely covered and they are looking at putting in a stent just to help her breathe right now. There is no cure. They will do chemo to help slow it down and to help with the major pain that her mom is in. I have already shared that Angel lost her father when she was just 8 years old. Now at 23 – she is looking at a very hard few months ahead. We have not lost all hope because we know that God can do miracles…..we are praying for one now.

Please immerse them in prayer.

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  1. Jodie,
    Maybe one of the reasons you are here in Kentucky is to be support for Angel and her Mom. I will keep you both in my prayers.
    Karen Halk(White Mills Christian Church)

  2. I never thought about that but you are absolutely right. If I had got this news in Haiti – I would want to be here. Maybe God had me lined up ahead of time. Thanks for posting that. I definitely want to be used by God but I always thought I had to be in Haiti to do that. How untrue that thought is!

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