I wasn’t sure I’d get to spend Malaya’s 4th birthday with her.  The family flew nearly a perfect day of travel yesterday – leaving the compound at noon – waiting less than a half hour to catch the tortuga flight – spending less than an hour at the airport in PAP before boarding a plane  – and landing in Miami last night.  No doubt their very successful day of travel was due to your prayers.

They should land around 11pm today. The only flight with space on it is a flight that leaves at 9pm. They are going to spend most of the day at the hotel and hopefully have a great evening of flying.

I flipped on the TV and everything is about the Inauguration of Obama. Seeing the news immediately took me back to January 20, 2005 when little Malaya came into this world. I remember my blood pressure was high and I was admitted for induction. She wasn’t due until Mid-February. I was nervous and excited all at the same time.

I was induced at 9am but did not have Malaya until 11:13 pm that night. Now – I’m not a very political person. I might flip on the news to find out the weather – but that’s probably as far as I go. I remember being so MAD because every single channel was about Bush’s Inauguration. I was looking for something to take my mind off of labor and there was NOTHING on TV!! Funny what things we remember when we’re in pain!

I talked to Malaya on the phone last night. She told me, “I’m so ‘xcited to see the babies”. I told her the babies aren’t here yet. She put the phone down and I could hear her YELL at Jose. “Daddy – you lie to me. You tell me we leavin’ cuz mommy havin’ babies. Mommy said they not there yet!” You all know her little attitude and I could just imagine her pointing her finger and shaking that head as she lectured to Jose. I actually laughed out loud.

We aren’t telling Malaya it’s her birthday because we promised her a Cinerella party! I don’t want her to yell at me!!! So we’ll have to do that sometime this next week. The girls have their first dance class on Friday. I went out and got all their little ballerina shoes, stockings, and leotards! They’re going to be SO CUTE!!

My days I think overall may be getting better but I have bouts of sickness throughout each one. Today I was up at 3am and felt horrible but now at 9:30am – I’m feeling okay.

Love you all and please continue to pray for the family (because they’re not here yet!).

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  1. I laughed out loud when I read the part about Malaya putting down the phone and yelling at Jose. I can just hear her little voice- too cute! Happy Birthday Malaya! 🙂

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