My Family Starts Flying Today…

My wonderful brother-in-law just came this weekend to drop off our van!! WE LOVE HIM!!! What a blessing that was for us! He drove 9 hours straight just to get here and fly back the next day.

Jose and the kids will start flying today. Their plan was to overnight in Port-au-Prince and start flying to Miami tomorrow. Remember – they are on stand-by flights for this trip. When I looked for flights out of PAP for this evening – they look pretty good – So he’s going to try to fly to Miami tonight. I can only imagine how overwhelmed he feels with all the kids and not having confirmed flights. There is nothing like spending all day at the airport for nothing!! Please pray they make their flights!!!

Now – I have to tell you that my kids make me laugh. I told Jose to let them pack some of their toys to bring out. He gave them each a backpack and told them they could  bring whatever they wanted.

Mikela: She had a doll, Belle shoes, book, and some dress-up clothes. **Very good!

Rosie: She had all the doll furniture from their doll house. No dolls – but a couch, bed, kitchen, etc. She had several “play” dishes – mainly plates! She had some coloring crayons that were broken. She had a Snow White doll and her Bridal dress-up clothes!  **Funny kid!

Malaya: She had 4 pairs of dress-up shoes. No surprise there. She had a Barbie doll. She had several dress-up clothes and her Cinderella doll. She also had books and  – – a flashlight!! She told Jose she needed the flashlight for when we lose power at night! ** Very Clever!

Gabriel: Well Jose packed Gabriel’s bag but he knows he did a good job because twice Gabriel came over to the bag and took his toys out to play with them! Gabriel loves little cars and little animals. His favorite toy is an animal train – a Zebra with wheels that links up to a Giraffe with wheels, etc.  I think he was mad that Jose was putting them away when those are HIS toys. 

Thanks for your prayers. Today will be a hard day when Jose leaves Gigi. Our family will not feel complete until we are all together – but I know time will fly by.  I know it’s only physically been about 14 days since I left Haiti and my family – but emotionally – it’s been more like a few months! This last week of being in and out of the hospital and dealing with Angel’s bad news – it has taken a toll on me. I have to tell you though- TODAY – I feel like a kid at Christmas. I am so excited to see Jose and the kids. I know their presence alone will bring peace and comfort.

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  1. Praying for safe and uneventful travels. Give us a call when they get here if you need a break and want us to take the girls out for a night or whatever.

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