Okay – So We Finally Decided On Names…..

After much thought – we have decided on names for the boys. 

We already have:

Gabriel Geovanni Castillo (Which is a Bible name followed by namesake). Geovanni is the name of Jose’s brother who died when he was a little baby of yellow fever. 

So in keeping with a Bible Name and then a Namesake – we’ve decided on:

Asher Alexander Castillo (Alexander is Jose’s middle name)

Levi James Castillo (James is my dad’s middle name)

I know they don’t quite sound as good together as Landon and Levi – BUT – I think the more we say them  – the better they will sound!  At least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Thanks for your help and for your voting! 🙂

***Just a side note. Even though the Haitians can say those names – I might have to work on the girls!! Malaya keeps calling Asher – AS SOR – – – it doesn’t sound very pretty!! LOL!

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