Staff Kids’ Night Off…

It was our staff and their children who were shaken awake with rivers running through their homes. It was the young girls and their mothers who were carried to safety.

So Malaya and Mikela wanted to do something special for their friends

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

I’m SO thankful for this wonderful family I’m surrounded by this Thanksgiving! God has blessed me beyond measure when it comes to the people perfectly placed around me!

Of course Jose made most of the dishes

Tree Trimming Fun…2016

It might seem a little silly to decorate for Christmas with all the drama happening outside our home…. but my kids need something else to think about besides the mud and the rain.

Happy Halloween 2016

I put black-light bulbs in the hallway – that’s the picture you see that’s really dark. Then I hid glow in the dark skeleton bones all over the house.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…Update

We are getting ready to be hit by another big rain storm. Several of the townspeople have gone to the mountains. The orphans are starting off in the cafeteria tonight. We’re showing movies to take their mind off the storm.

PLEASE pray again for us tonight. SO many people in town & on campus spent all day getting rid of mud & water… and now we might get hit with it all over again tonight. It won’t take much to flood again as the ground is saturated already.

Hurricane Matthew – Facebook Updates

I realize that many of you are not on Facebook and several have been emailing and asking for information! Below are the latest updates since the storm started…..

To find out what our plan is and how you can help – please check out our ministry blog tomorrow – . I have been trying to post it ALL day but still waiting for some pictures to upload.

Happy Belated Birthday Gabe!

I WISH you could have been there to see Momma Gigi skate for the first time! We have a video clip…

Summer 2016 Update 2…

WOW! I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I posted last. Life has been absolutely crazy-busy! This is the busiest schedule we’ve had in the states. Looking forward to getting back home and resting a few days. The first weekend in August we were blessed to spend time with our friends in Michigan! […]

Summer 2016 Update…

I’m sorry if we’re unable to meet up with all our friends/supporters this time out but please know we love you! Also please pray for our sanity as we travel 12-17 hours at a time in a van full of crazy Castillos.

Happy Birthday Asher, Levi, Mikela, & Gabriel!

It’s been two months of birthday fun!!