Happy Easter 2016


The service started at 5am. There were 60 kids in church by 4:45am! I was SO impressed. By 6:15 the church was full.

The Power of Family Prayer…


It wasn’t a perfect day – it wasn’t even a perfect evening. But God did something special that night

A Prayer For Grace…


I wanted to thank everyone for the way you’ve surrounded us with your love, prayers, and support.

Fight Back With Joy…


I know many of you aren’t on Facebook so I wanted to update you on Jacques and ask you to please pray for Him.

Prayers for Levi…


Yesterday we were all set to celebrate Malaya’s 11th birthday. Jose was getting ready to bake her a cookie cake and we were talking about how everyone was going to play whatever card games she wanted after dinner and hide-n-seek in the dark. Then just like that we hear a screaming Levi. While climbing down […]

Birthday Bash for Rosie & Isebelle…


It was so much fun to watch Rosie & Isebelle during their party. Rosie especially. She’s still a little kid at heart even though she’s 12 years old now. Watching her giggle and be COMPLETELY engaged …

Castillo Kids Are Circling Prayers…


Last year during our big Christmas Feast – I shared with everyone all the answered prayers from our 2012 Circled Prayer List. We as a staff had gone through the book by Mark Batterson called the Circle Maker. Then I had each of the employees tell me the things that they want to begin praying […]

Things That Make You Go Hmm…Meet Fabi


I’ve contacted a few doctors who are trying to help me diagnose her – she just doesn’t fit any typical case they’ve seen! Please if you know anyone who could help – share the story!

A Castillo Christmas 2015…


  The internet has been really slow so I haven’t been able to upload a lot of pictures from our family Christmas! On December 22nd we were SO blessed to have Chrystian & Mamita come to the Mole. This is Jose’s brother & mother. We haven’t seen them since Christmas last year. Too much time has […]

Christmas Eve Service…2015


It’s taken a few days to upload the pictures from our Christmas Eve Service. The cafeteria was packed with people – many having to stand in the back. Pierre shared about the birth of Christ & I shared about what the people of the Mole mean to me & the anticipation of Heaven.  The women […]