SO Thankful Replay…Day 30


It’s hard to believe that this month has come and gone. We began the month in the states repacking crates & barrels. We ended it with our Annual Women’s Conference in Haiti! Reliving, replaying, & elaborating on each of the things I’m thankful for has been SO good for me. I think it’s really important […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 29


Whenever I’m stateside and people ask me about our living conditions  – they’re baffled when I say we have a generator that powers our home & campus. Think about your life right now. How easy is it for you to just flip on a light? Yes the power you use does increase or decrease your […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 28


It’s amazing how a song can take you on a journey – snap –  just like that. Whether you’re driving, sitting in a restaurant, waiting inside an elevator, or staring at your Christmas tree  –  music has a way of instantly transforming our minds & bodies to another place – another time. When we were in […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 27


When we moved to the Mole I knew immediately who I wanted to take this ‘missionary journey’ with. I just wasn’t sure if they would want to come with me. Sometimes I think if they knew then how hard it was going to be – maybe they would have had doubts about following me here. […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 26


I hope reading through these posts have made you laugh! I wish you could have overhead all of this with us! One thing is for sure – laughter is the best medicine!

SO Thankful Replay…Day 25


My sister has more courage, creativity, & ambition than anyone I know. I’m SO very proud of my sister. She’s a fantastic children’s minister and I’ve learned so much from her. After all her years in ministry – you would think she would be burnt out. But instead she’s started her own organization called Empower […]

Trimming The Tree in 2015…


A family who decorates together…obsesses together.  – Susan O’Strander I must laugh. Susan sent me 4 pictures where all of us were SO serious – trying to get everything “just right”. Even Momma Gigi was re-stapling & re-wrapping things. She had her kids up and down those ladders 100 times. Asher & Levi were just […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 24


Thanksgiving is almost here! Can’t believe how fast this month has gone. When Jose & I were in the states packing for the boat – we brought back in with us a Honey Baked Ham & a turkey! Our family, Miss Beth, Susan, & Erica will be together for our Thanksgiving Meal. We will also […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 23


As I look back over this past year  – it’s been a difficult one for our family for sure….. Speaking transparently – we dealt with a lot of loss this year. Learning to work in Haiti without my brother has been difficult. Though I know he is SO happy where he is now – I’m […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 22


Funny how the day before I’m talking about being up all night and the very next day I’m thankful for the sunrise….which I often miss more times than not! There are times though where I’m “forced” to look at it….like when we had to get up early to catch our flight into Haiti last week. […]