Prayers for Levi…

Yesterday we were all set to celebrate Malaya’s 11th birthday. Jose was getting ready to bake her a cookie cake and we were talking about how everyone was going to play whatever card games she wanted after dinner and hide-n-seek in the dark. Then just like that we hear a screaming Levi. While climbing down […]

Birthday Bash for Rosie & Isebelle…

It was so much fun to watch Rosie & Isebelle during their party. Rosie especially. She’s still a little kid at heart even though she’s 12 years old now. Watching her giggle and be COMPLETELY engaged …

Castillo Kids Are Circling Prayers…

Last year during our big Christmas Feast – I shared with everyone all the answered prayers from our 2012 Circled Prayer List. We as a staff had gone through the book by Mark Batterson called the Circle Maker. Then I had each of the employees tell me the things that they want to begin praying […]

Things That Make You Go Hmm…Meet Fabi

I’ve contacted a few doctors who are trying to help me diagnose her – she just doesn’t fit any typical case they’ve seen! Please if you know anyone who could help – share the story!

A Castillo Christmas 2015…

  The internet has been really slow so I haven’t been able to upload a lot of pictures from our family Christmas! On December 22nd we were SO blessed to have Chrystian & Mamita come to the Mole. This is Jose’s brother & mother. We haven’t seen them since Christmas last year. Too much time has […]

Christmas Eve Service…2015

It’s taken a few days to upload the pictures from our Christmas Eve Service. The cafeteria was packed with people – many having to stand in the back. Pierre shared about the birth of Christ & I shared about what the people of the Mole mean to me & the anticipation of Heaven.  The women […]

Special Christmas Delivery….2015

The Castillo Clan is at it again! This afternoon we headed to the orphanage to make a special delivery! We brought a snowflake craft, cupcakes, and presents! The kids are ALWAYS so well behaved on Christmas Eve! 🙂 My kids took a lot of joy and pride in buying the orphans their Christmas gifts this year. […]

December 2015 Recap….

I just realized that I’ve been doing most of my blogging on our ministry website and not my personal one! It’s been a busy month already!

SO Thankful Replay…Day 30

It’s hard to believe that this month has come and gone. We began the month in the states repacking crates & barrels. We ended it with our Annual Women’s Conference in Haiti! Reliving, replaying, & elaborating on each of the things I’m thankful for has been SO good for me. I think it’s really important […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 29

Whenever I’m stateside and people ask me about our living conditions  – they’re baffled when I say we have a generator that powers our home & campus. Think about your life right now. How easy is it for you to just flip on a light? Yes the power you use does increase or decrease your […]