Special Christmas Delivery….2015


The Castillo Clan is at it again! This afternoon we headed to the orphanage to make a special delivery! We brought a snowflake craft, cupcakes, and presents! The kids are ALWAYS so well behaved on Christmas Eve! 🙂 My kids took a lot of joy and pride in buying the orphans their Christmas gifts this year. […]

December 2015 Recap….


I just realized that I’ve been doing most of my blogging on our ministry website and not my personal one! It’s been a busy month already!

SO Thankful Replay…Day 30


It’s hard to believe that this month has come and gone. We began the month in the states repacking crates & barrels. We ended it with our Annual Women’s Conference in Haiti! Reliving, replaying, & elaborating on each of the things I’m thankful for has been SO good for me. I think it’s really important […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 29


Whenever I’m stateside and people ask me about our living conditions  – they’re baffled when I say we have a generator that powers our home & campus. Think about your life right now. How easy is it for you to just flip on a light? Yes the power you use does increase or decrease your […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 28


It’s amazing how a song can take you on a journey – snap –  just like that. Whether you’re driving, sitting in a restaurant, waiting inside an elevator, or staring at your Christmas tree  –  music has a way of instantly transforming our minds & bodies to another place – another time. When we were in […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 27


When we moved to the Mole I knew immediately who I wanted to take this ‘missionary journey’ with. I just wasn’t sure if they would want to come with me. Sometimes I think if they knew then how hard it was going to be – maybe they would have had doubts about following me here. […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 26


I hope reading through these posts have made you laugh! I wish you could have overhead all of this with us! One thing is for sure – laughter is the best medicine!

SO Thankful Replay…Day 25


My sister has more courage, creativity, & ambition than anyone I know. I’m SO very proud of my sister. She’s a fantastic children’s minister and I’ve learned so much from her. After all her years in ministry – you would think she would be burnt out. But instead she’s started her own organization called Empower […]

Trimming The Tree in 2015…


A family who decorates together…obsesses together.  – Susan O’Strander I must laugh. Susan sent me 4 pictures where all of us were SO serious – trying to get everything “just right”. Even Momma Gigi was re-stapling & re-wrapping things. She had her kids up and down those ladders 100 times. Asher & Levi were just […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 24


Thanksgiving is almost here! Can’t believe how fast this month has gone. When Jose & I were in the states packing for the boat – we brought back in with us a Honey Baked Ham & a turkey! Our family, Miss Beth, Susan, & Erica will be together for our Thanksgiving Meal. We will also […]