SO Thankful Replay…Day 20


  Well I have something pretty exciting to share with everyone today. Since moving to the Mole we’ve been praying for God’s protection for our campus. In fact I led our staff through the Circle Maker several years ago and we created a list of things we wanted for this ministry. We began circling & […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 19


Hmm….. Well….. Maybe….. I don’t know….. Really??? Hmm…. Those are the thoughts that typically go through my mind when I feel like the Lord is calling me to do something out of the ordinary.  If I’m not careful I can let those thoughts play on a reel over and over again until weeks have passed. […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 18


Jose, Asher, & I flew into the Mole this past Saturday after spending time in the states re-packing crates & barrels for the boat. We brought back with us hundreds of strands of Christmas lights! Sunday night we started decorating the courtyard. We’ve been working on it little by little each night. It’s not quite […]

So Thankful Replay…Day 17


Today we spent the morning in clinic and the afternoon decorating the house for Christmas. By “we” you probably think I mean Jose & me. And in a lot of ways that’s true. But the “we” I’m referring to is Momma Gigi & I. WE do pretty much everything together. Yesterday we took our family […]

So Thankful Replay…Day 16


Today I’m thankful for my hands. It’s hard to imagine what my ministry & family would look like without being able to use them. What it would feel like to not hold my children – to not be able to touch my patients to assess their illness – to not hold my husband’s hand – […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 15


This is a hard blog for me to write about. I’ve written it twice today and deleted them both. There’s so much I wish I could share …..and yet putting it online for all to read is not really wise. Since moving to the Mole in 2010 – I have been blown away by the […]

So Thankful Replay…Day 14


This has been an incredible year of ministry here in the Mole. The seeds we’ve spent 5 years planting and watering are finally beginning to bloom….and we are reaping a bountiful harvest. They say it takes a village to raise a child….and equally it takes short term missionaries to raise up and impact a community. […]

Reboot, Repack, & Reload


I know not everyone gets to see our ministry blog so I wanted to share this post here too!🙂 The pictures show up better on the blog but here’s a look at our latest boat update.  Reboot, Repack, And Reload! BY CASTILLO ON NOVEMBER 13, 2015 • ( 1 COMMENT ) Well…..we did it!! […]

SO Thankful Replay…Day 13


When we started our campus plant back in 2010 – just a few months after the earthquake it was SO overwhelming. After haggling with the landowner to buy our property (he’d been offered double just to keep us from coming) we thought the worst of our problems were over. However when the St. Louis staff […]

SO Thankful Replay….Day 12


Today I’m thankful for the kindness of strangers. Actually – I’m EXTREMELY  – OVER THE TOP – blessed because of them. When the boat sank I had lost hope. It required a miracle and although I know God works in the Miracle Business – there’s just so many needs all around the world. Why would […]


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