Month: February 2009

NO! – – Say It Isn’t So!

Today was a busy day – especially for a pregnant lady! We started off this morning getting Mikela ready for school! Yep – I was actually up at 7am to get her ready for the 7:30am bus. Guess what – that 7:30am bus is for high school. Her […]

Two Different Worlds….

I have always felt like Haiti and the states were most certainly two different worlds but never does that seem more true to me than now. I’m here in the states  – enjoying the luxuries of sending my kids to school and dance. I’m focused on homework, making […]

Kids First Day Of School….

Mikela has school Monday-Friday and goes all day long. Rosie has school Monday-Friday and goes a half day. Malaya has school on Tuesdays/Thursdays and goes a half day. On Thursday we were ready to take all the girls to school. Mikela and Malaya got to go but Rosie […]

Well – Hmm….

So I saw the doctor today – and my headaches are still here and I blacked out again last night. It could still be the headaches causing it but with being on those medications – he didn’t think it should still be going on. He is not sure […]

Short Update

The power is back on at my parent’s house – it came on last night. We spent yesterday at Jani’s house – THANK YOU VERY MUCH JANI! Shauna and Becky came and took the girls and are keeping them a few days so that I can rest. Jose […]

The Heart of Worship

The sermon I heard last week about SERVICE – continues to stick in my mind. The sermon was about how God has called all of us to serve in some form or another. I felt like this sermon would be useless to Jose and I – after all […]